Oh I do love the sunshine! (◕‿◕✿)

Hello cuties, today it was super super super hot over here in the UK,

So since it was so yummy and hot I decided to take my doggo out for a walk :3

Just look how lovely and clear today was!

Also here is a photo of today’s hair and makeup look for you to see ❤

Soon it is my birthday, so sorry if I don’t upload as much 😦 I’m going to be busy

Love you all!

Yoonie Bunnie xoxo

<3 Sunny Day <3

Hey cutie carrots Yoonie Bunnie here,

It was super duper sunny today out in Norwich in the UK. Such amazing weather!

I Headed out grabbed a Pepsi and sat in the park for a little while!

Also I got 2 packages come today c: guess what… I got my new shoes and cutie skirt!

Ain’t they just the cutest things ever!

Skirt is from H&M £19.99 One thing i will say about the skirt is the sizing was really bad >:c

Shoes are from Blink (ASOS) on sale for £17.00 (originally £30.00 what a deal!)

What do you think guys!

Carrot love from

Yoonie Bunnie xoxo

What’s cooking good looking!

Hey guys Yoonie here, who’s ever had Korean BBQ, mmm I’m drooling just thinking of it! The sweet dipping sauce on top of salty belly pork it’s just so good! ^w^

A Couple of months ago me and my boyfriend went to Star KBBQ in London it was very good and authentic, we ordered doubles haha because we were both so hungry!

The kimchi was soooooooo crispy but wasn’t spicy enough for my taste hehe =^w^=

Have any of you guys had Korean BBQ,

Comment below and tell me

Carrot love from

Yoonie Bunnie xoxo


Hey my cutie carrots its Yoonie Bunnie here,  today I am posting just to wonder who out there collects pusheen plushies just like me? 😀

I currently only have two in my collection but I plan to expand on it more, eek they are just so cute right!

Here is one of my pusheen’s playing with my new corsair mouse. 🙂

Eek! such a silly little kitty OwO.

Comment below your little kitty cats! ❤

Love Yoonie Bunnie xoxo